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How To Navigate Layoffs, Accessibility, and Economic Uncertainty in Cyber

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

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With the current economic climate and potential threats posed by AI and automation, even the most seasoned cybersecurity specialists are feeling the pressure to prove their worth and adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

In addition to job security, these challenges also raise questions about the accessibility of the industry to newcomers and underrepresented groups.

Our next Blackmere Live Webinar will discuss the following and share practical tips and resources.

Join the conversation on June 23, 2023 at 2:30 PM EST with Domini Clark and Bindi Davé.

As the cybersecurity field evolves, we must consider both job security and accessibility. This is what we will be talking about:

  1. Career Disruptions: What steps should cybersecurity pros take if their career is disrupted by unforeseen circumstances? How can we learn about proactive measures to future-proof your career, maintain relevance in a competitive industry, and promote accessibility for those entering the field?

  2. Job Security in the Cyber Industry: How can cybersecurity professionals ensure their job security while also addressing the need for greater diversity and inclusion in the industry? We'll discuss the skills and strategies required to stay ahead in the game and create an environment that welcomes a wide range of talent.

  3. Leadership's Role in Evolving Companies: What can CEOs, CISOs, and hiring managers do to keep their companies safe while adapting to new technologies and trends?

This discussion is designed for a diverse audience, including CEOs, CISOs, hiring managers, candidates, and the cybersecurity industry at large.

As the cybersecurity industry faces unprecedented challenges, it is crucial for professionals and leaders alike to stay informed, adapt, and collaborate. Addressing job security and accessibility will strengthen the industry as a whole and create a more inclusive environment for current professionals and newcomers alike. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from renowned experts and be better prepared for the future of the cybersecurity industry.


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