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Blackmere Live with Michael Swinarski

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Welcome to September's Blackmere Live, where we delve into the world of information security. In this informative session, hosted by Domini Clark and featuring Michael Swinarski as our guest, we explore the nuances of safeguarding data and systems in a landscape characterized by regulatory fluctuations and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Meet The Experts

Michael, an accomplished information security leader, provides a glimpse into his role as Deputy CISO at the CorVel Corporation. Here's an overview of why we all need to be taking phishing more seriously:

  • The ever-evolving nature of regulations in his sector underscores the perpetual challenge of staying updated in a rapidly changing environment.

  • In the dynamic evolution of the information security field, threats and techniques evolve at an unprecedented pace. There is a growing concern about third-party risk and the need for comprehensive cybersecurity strategies.

Domini Clark, our host and information security expert, brings her insights to the forefront:

  • Phishing attacks are growing increasingly sophisticated and are becoming harder to detect. Domini advocates for an evolution in education and awareness to counter these evolving threats.

  • Domini underscores the significance of having a well-defined vision and strategy for building a proficient team to tackle information security threats. A flexible plan that adapts to these dynamics is crucial in a world where threats constantly change.

Where Will Phishing Go From Here?

Michael predicts that business email compromise will rise as the top threat in the cybersecurity landscape.

He highlights the importance of continually updating incident response plans and involving a wider range of stakeholders in security discussions.

The webinar below delves deeper into these key insights, offering valuable knowledge and actionable takeaways to help your organization navigate the challenging terrain of modern information security. Listen in as we explore the pivotal role of phishing in the evolving network toolset.


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