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Consulting Services

Utilizing our consulting services allows you to engage experts immediately. You will have the flexibility to scale your team for either long or short-term projects without the risk of commitment or additional overhead.

Looking to apply to a job? Join our talent pool.

What to expect...

We prioritize discretion, integrity, and confidentiality to earn and maintain your trust at every step

Open communication and clear updates empower you every step of the way in our authentic and reliable recruitment process.

Technical Consulting
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Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting

Blackmere’s Technical Consultants are experts in their respective fields, providing clients with strategic advice, implementation support, and hands-on assistance in areas such as fractional leadership, cybersecurity architecture, cloud migration, AI design and integration, data science, critical infrastructure protection, and data analytics.


Quickly Adjust for Talent Resource Needs

Lower Tax and Employment Benefit Cost 

Highly Skilled Talent 

No Binding Long-Term Contract

Critical Infrastructure Consulting
Image by Adi Goldstein

Build, Train, Mentor OT Security Teams 

Advise and Guide Executives and Board Members

Independent Deep-Risk Assessment

International Cybersecurity Policy Advisory

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Critical InfrastructureConsulting

Blackmere's Critical Infrastructure Consultants will objectively evaluate and interpret risks, build programs, and shift your approach to compliance and performance. We help organizations mitigate huge risks with expert guidance.

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Recruitment ProcessOutsourcing

RPO can be a valuable tool for companies looking to improve their recruitment process. Utilizing RPO can help improve the quality of hires, reduce costs to hire, and the length of time it takes to fill critical roles.


Improved Quality of Hires

Reduced Time-to-Hire

Save Money on Recruitment Costs

Flexible Recruiting Support

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

If you would like specific information on how we can partner, please reach out! 

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