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What to expect...

We prioritize discretion, integrity, and confidentiality to earn and maintain your trust at every step

Open communication and clear updates empower you every step of the way in our authentic and reliable recruitment process.

Looking to apply to a job? Join our talent pool.

We offer a comprehensive approach to workforce solutions, catering to different needs and preferences in terms of employment duration and commitment.

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Technical +

Executive Search

Technical +Executive Search

We go beyond the traditional recruitment process to conduct a comprehensive search and evaluation of candidates, using a combination of proprietary tools, extensive market intelligence, and a deep understanding of our clients' organizational culture, strategic goals, and performance requirements. Our team of experienced recruiters is laser-focused on delivering solutions, allowing our clients to make confident and strategic hires.

Job Interview

Exclusive Candidate Submissions

Multiple Pricing Tiers 

Confidentiality Search 

Trusted Partner 

Technical + Executive Search

Lower Tax and Employee Benefit Cost

Contract Staffing
Engineering Class

Quickly Adjust for Talent Resource Needs

Lower Tax and Employee Benefit Cost

No Long-Term Binding Contract 

Highly Skilled Talent

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Contract Staffing

Blackmere’s contract technical staffing services are designed to provide clients with quick and flexible access to highly skilled professionals for short-term engagements or extra leverage when it’s not possible to make a full-time hire. We take the time to understand our clients' specific needs and match them with the right contractors who have the experience, skills, and cultural fit to make an immediate impact.

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If you would like specific information on how we can partner, please reach out! 

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