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Blackmere Live with Jennifer Mota

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Bravery takes on a new dimension in today's rapidly changing workplace landscape. It's not just about courage in the face of adversity; it's about radical bravery that challenges the status quo and leads to meaningful change. This was the central theme of our recent Blackmere Live webinar in July, where we delved into "Radical Bravery in the Workplace."

Our guest speaker for the event was remarkable, bringing her unique perspectives and experiences to the discussion. Our host, Domini Clark, the CEO of Blackmere Consulting, spoke with guest Jennifer Mota, the Senior Vice President at MFA Financial Inc. These two leaders have blazed their own trails in the corporate world, and their stories are inspiring and instructive.

Domini shared her journey of building a successful executive recruitment firm focusing on cybersecurity and data science. Her commitment to serving clients and making an impact through intelligent connections has driven Blackmere's continued success. Domini's insights into leadership and her experiences filling critical positions in various industries were invaluable.

Jennifer Mota shared her unique career path as the head of human resources and diversity, equity, and inclusion at MFA Financial Inc. She started in pharmaceutical marketing but soon realized that her passion lay elsewhere — in HR. Challenges marked her transition into HR, but she rose to the occasion. Jennifer's dedication to gender equality and her involvement in initiatives like 50/50 Women on Boards showcase her commitment to making the workplace more inclusive.

As you’ll see, the conversation during the webinar was not just about success stories and triumphs; it also delved into the importance of embracing failure. Domini and Jennifer emphasized that failures can be valuable learning experiences, leading to unexpected opportunities and growth. They highlighted the need for radical bravery in the workplace, where individuals must be willing to step out of their comfort zones and challenge the norm.

The discussion also touches on the significance of listening, empathy, and understanding in leadership. Domini stressed the importance of truly listening to others, beyond just their words, to understand their needs and concerns. Jennifer emphasized the role of leaders in creating a workplace where everyone feels heard and valued.

As we explore the concept of radical bravery in the workplace in the coming blog posts, we'll delve deeper into the insights and lessons shared by these two remarkable leaders. We'll also discuss practical strategies for fostering a culture of bravery within your organization.

Stay tuned as we uncover the secrets to becoming a brave leader and making a lasting impact in the ever-evolving world of work. In a world where change is constant, radical bravery is the key to shaping the future of the workplace for the better.


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