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Talent. Trust.Transformative Teams.

Technical hiring is risky — you need top talent in cybersecurity, AI, data engineering, and cloud to prevent breaches, data loss, and missed opportunities. When confidentiality and precision are crucial, Blackmere is your trusted partner in building exceptional technical teams that drive innovation and secure your competitive edge.


With Blackmere, your organization's success is our priority. We specialize in finding and recruiting hidden talent worldwide through our exclusive networks and clearances, ensuring you get the best candidates for your critical roles.

We’re not your standard recruiting firm. Clients come to us when they need: 

  • Executive-level Technical Hires: Facing critical vacancies in leadership and technical roles? Our extensive network and discreet approach ensure seamless transitions that protect your team's morale and market position.

  • Urgent Impact on Projects & Deliverables: Lingering vacancies can cripple projects, damage client relationships, and expose vulnerabilities. We find the niche expertise you need to deliver and succeed.

  • Niche Technical Talent Gaps: Traditional recruitment often lacks the depth to find specialized talent in cybersecurity, AI, data engineering, or cloud. We bridge that gap with precision placements.

  • Beyond Basic Staffing: Tired of impersonal staffing experiences? We offer a bespoke solution, prioritizing consistent communication, quality placements, and a true partnership.


About Us

At Blackmere Consulting, our mission is simple: to be the ultimate partner for tech companies in search of top-notch talent. Founded by Domini Clark in 2011, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve dynamic growth through strategic recruiting and consulting. But our impact doesn't stop there - with every hire, we strive to positively impact the lives of individuals, families, and the tech community.

The candidate we ultimately hired exceeded our expectations in every way. They had the skills, experience, and personality we were looking for, and they seamlessly integrated into our team from day one. We couldn't be happier with the outcome, and it's all thanks to Blackmere Consulting's expertise and dedication.

Director of Operations

Healthcare Organization

Areas of Practice


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)Chief Data Officer (CDO)Chief Information Officer (CIO)Chief Operations Officer (COO)Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

Executive Leadership


Cloud ExpertsSoftwareEngineering/ArchitectureInformation Technology LeadershipDatabase ExpertsTechnical SalesNetwork & InfrastructureEngineering

Information Technology

Scientific Experts


Electrical EngineeringMechanical EngineeringIndustrial EngineeringWireless & Telecommunications EngineeringPower Systems EngineeringNuclear Engineering

Cloud Computing


Cloud ArchitectCloud Security EngineerChief Cloud ArchitectCloud EngineerMulti-cloud Specialist



Security Strategy and LeadershipRisk Management and ComplianceSecurity Operations and MonitoringApplication SecurityResearch and Analysis


AI Engineering & Product DevelopmentData ScienceMachine Learning (DL, NLP)Data ArchitectureData Analysis

Data Engineering


AI Engineering & Product DevelopmentData ScienceMachine Learning (DL, NLP)Data ArchitectureData Analysis

Artificial Intelligence



Program ManagerProject ManagerContracting OfficerProcurement SpecialistControl Account ManagerContract Manager

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