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Top 10 Cities for Cybersecurity Jobs in the US

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

If you're interested in a career in cybersecurity, you'll want to know where the best opportunities are. We researched the top ten metro areas in the United States to find cybersecurity jobs. As of this article's publication, almost 300,000 open jobs are represented in the geographical areas below.

Do you think you can guess what number one is? (Hint: It’s not the Bay Area!)

10. Denver, CO  — 14K Cybersecurity Jobs Available 

Denver is a fantastic city filled with many opportunities for both work and play. The city has numerous cybersecurity organizations working together to create a safe environment where individuals can practice their craft while also connecting the various businesses they serve. Cybersecurity professionals can find various career options, whether they're looking for a job in the public sector or with private companies.

9. Phoenix, AZ — 15K Cybersecurity Jobs Available 

Phoenix has something for everyone, from its booming economy to the abundance of activities and attractions around town. Cybersecurity employment opportunities are plentiful in this vibrant city, allowing individuals with expertise a chance to find meaningful work that could make a big difference in digital security and safety.

8. Atlanta, GA — 16K Cybersecurity Jobs Available 

Not only does Atlanta provide ample opportunities for entertainment, art, and culture, but it also boasts a flourishing economy — specifically for those in cybersecurity. Cyber jobs are particularly prominent here due to the diverse industry landscape and the presence of many leading companies. Those interested in building their cybersecurity career will undoubtedly benefit from being located in this dynamic city.

7. Boston, MA — 17K Cybersecurity Jobs Available 

Boston is the perfect combination of historic beauty and modern convenience. Cybersecurity is one area in which it really shines. Boasting numerous universities with degree programs in cybersecurity, Boston can produce some of the top talents in this important field. It also has a robust economy and industry ready to hire these students upon graduation. Cybercrime continues to rise, and Boston is playing its part in combating it. With its proven track record for doing so, this city is quickly becoming an internationally renowned leader when it comes to cybersecurity initiatives and progress.

6. San Francisco, CA — 18K Cybersecurity Jobs Available 

Cybersecurity has become a vital sector in this technological hub; the city hosts the annual RSA Conference, among other cybersecurity-focused gatherings. Cybersecurity experts from around the globe travel to San Francisco to connect with their peers and discuss challenges faced in this ever-evolving field. This landmark event has firmly solidified San Francisco as one of the most forward-thinking cities in protecting against cyber threats.

5. Chicago, IL — 21K Cybersecurity Jobs Available 

Chicago, IL is an exciting and vibrant city that offers plenty of opportunities for cybersecurity professionals. The city has something for everyone, from cybersecurity conferences to networking events with industry leaders. In addition, the giant tech sector in Chicago provides plenty of jobs and internships in cybersecurity. It also allows access to cutting-edge technology and expertise, making it an excellent option for qualifying cybersecurity experts. There are countless cybersecurity schools, too, allowing students to specialize further — and even gain hands-on experience on specialized projects. With its strong business presence, a wide range of cybersecurity opportunities, and vibrant culture, Chicago is the perfect destination for anyone interested in cybersecurity!

4. Los Angeles, CA — 27K Cybersecurity Jobs Available 

Los Angeles, CA is a bustling and vibrant city. Not only is the City of Angels home to famed tourist attractions and landmarks like the Hollywood sign and Santa Monica Pier, but it also serves as a center for business and innovation. Cybersecurity is one profession that has snowballed in the city in recent years because many major tech companies are headquartered there, meaning both private businesses and consumers have a wide range of options for safeguarding their data from malicious attacks. Cybersecurity professionals have also taken advantage of numerous educational opportunities at universities across Los Angeles. As the risk of malicious cyberattacks only grows, so does the opportunity for skilled experts in this vital field.

3. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX — 33K Cybersecurity Jobs Available

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX fosters a business-friendly environment with many leading cybersecurity organizations, allowing the city’s tech corridor to expand. Home to some of the most significant cybersecurity events, such as BSidesDFW and the ElevateIT Summit, Dallas has quickly become a hotspot in the cybersecurity industry. From cybersecurity startups to Fortune 500 companies, there's no shortage of potential in this Texas metropolis, with plenty of opportunities to explore.

2. New York, NY — 38K Cybersecurity Jobs Available 

New York City has long drawn tech-savvy minds to pursue their passions and ambitions. This "Big Apple" metropolis is a thriving tech hub, with tech specialists coming together worldwide to collaborate on innovative projects. With tech companies dominating the industry’s employment sector, tech rules the roost regarding economic output. But it’s in the arena of cybersecurity that New York truly shines. In recent years, the city has made significant movements toward investing time, money, and resources into security measures that protect citizens’ personal data and business information. Thanks to dedicated tech specialists hailing from NYC, many citizens rest assured that any potential vulnerabilities are being identified promptly by trustworthy professionals.

1. Washington, DC — 70K Cybersecurity Jobs Available

Washington, DC is quickly becoming a tech hub to keep an eye on. With its close proximity to Capitol Hill and multiple major government agencies, the city has extensive resources for ambitious start-ups. Also, being a top destination for talented college graduates and tech professionals makes it the perfect place for entrepreneurs looking to make an impact. The city's infrastructure and leadership are also essential in its growth by advocating for policies supporting small businesses using technology in healthcare, transportation, and education. It will be exciting to see how much further Washington, DC progresses as a tech hotspot in the upcoming years!

All of these cities have unique job markets with a variety of opportunities and unique experiences to offer. No matter which city you decide to make your home base for a career in cybersecurity, you can be sure there will always be something new to discover.


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