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Jason Wright Joins Blackmere as Chief of Cyber Research

Jason Wright Joins Blackmere as Chief of Cyber Research

Blackmere Consulting is proud to announce Jason Wright has joined the team as Chief of Cyber Research.

Before joining Blackmere, Jason Wright served as a principal cyber researcher at Thought Networks, LLC; a senior cyber researcher at INL; a kernel developer for NFR Security (now CheckPoint IPS-1); and a software engineer at the University of Pennsylvania. While at Thought Networks, Jason worked on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Cyber Grand Challenge (DARPA CGC), helping to create the world's first fully automated cyber security competition. He also worked on the test and evaluation team for DARPA Cyber Fault-tolerant Attack Recovery (CFAR).

He enjoys working at the core of computing, where hardware and software meet. As a result, he has worked with virtualization and operating system internals for most of his career. For CGC he co-developed a custom hypervisor and kernel code used to run the competition. Jason was an active OpenBSD developer from 1998 - 2007 (3445 commits), where he was in charge of the port of OpenBSD to SPARC64 and wrote many kernel device drivers (serial, parallel, ethernet, IDE, video, keyboard, etc.) for a wide range of busses (SBus, PCI, USB, IDE, etc.). He has participated in the DefCon Capture The Flag contest on various teams, including the 2008 winners, Acme Pharm, and also won the SAINTCON Hackers Challenge in 2018.

Jason founded Thought Networks and successfully built the company over 7 years, servicing high-impact cyber research with global influence. Jason brings the strength of his renowned technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to facilitate Blackmere's growth as a cyber security powerhouse in support of cyber security R&D needs of both government and commercial clients. He received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and his master's at the University of Idaho.


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