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Blackmere's Chief is Starting to Teach at Idaho State University's Computer Science Program this ...

Pocatello, Idaho — Senior faculty member Dr. David Beard and Dr. Steve Chiu, Chair of the Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering departments at Idaho State University appointed Blackmere Consulting’s Chief of Cyber Research, Jason Wright, as an adjunct professor in the computer science department at ISU.

The demand for computer science graduates has never been greater. According to the US Bureau of Labor of Labor Statistics, demand for high school teachers is at “as fast as average” growth at eight percent. Computer science jobs are growing at a whopping 22 percent.

ISU is growing its computer science department to meet that demand, and as Wright is both an expert in the field, and also works to help companies fill cyber jobs, he is a natural fit to help craft and build the next generation of cyber experts.

Mr. Wright has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, a Masters of Science in Computer Science from the University of Idaho, and has worked in the cyber security space for over 20 years. His expertise is in operating system kernel development — primarily the network stack and device drivers.

“We are very excited that Jason will be joining our ISU CS team,” says Chiu, “and bringing along his rich experience in cybersecurity.”

ISU is one of the three major research institutions in the state of Idaho. They collaborate with INL and many industries on cutting-edge research and instruction. Their CS department offers a comprehensive portfolio of programs ranging from certificates, BS, MS, to PhD degrees.

“ISU is providing INL and related employers with computer scientists and electrical engineering interns and employees interested in living and working in Idaho and doing cybersecurity,” says Beard “ISU Computer Science and Computer Engineering do cybersecurity research related to secure software engineering.”

Starting in Spring 2022, Jason will be teaching Introduction to Computer Science/Informatics (CS1181) in the C++ programming language, which is a staple of high-performance and cyber security environments. Employees from the Idaho National Laboratory are likely to take the class, but it is open to students in both Pocatello and Idaho Falls.

“Wright’s contribution will cover a wide variety of instruction including programming, operating systems, and cybersecurity. ISU looks forward to sustained collaboration with Jason to augment the Department's continued trajectory of growth in these areas,” says Chiu.

Blackmere Consulting is a Nationwide Technical and Executive Recruiting firm dedicated to Cyber Security and Information Technology. From Fortune 100 companies to emerging growth organizations, our focus is to pair talented professionals with companies who value them. You can follow Blackmere on Twitter at @BlackmereTA or find us on LinkedIn.

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