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Blackmere Live with Jess Vachon

We are proud to present this Blackmere Live from May 16, 2023. Blackmere Consulting's CEO, Domini Clark, interviewed Context Labs BV CISO, Jess Vachon. Jess shared her views on the cybersecurity talent gap and argues that the so-called "talent gap" is a management issue — not a talent issue.

When Domini asked if the hiring managers or organizations need to change their culture, Jess said it starts with individuals in leadership positions changing their approach to hiring and investing in their employees. It's all down to the individual. This could be achieved by hiring nontraditional candidates based on aptitude and intrinsic value and investing time in networking and mentoring to build a talent pool.

Two headshots next to each other. The lefthand one is a close up of a smiling white woman with chin-length light brown hair and side swept bangs. The righthand one is from the waist up: a smiling white woman with a dark brown bob. She's wearing a black 3/4 sleeve shirt and her hand is on her hip.
Jess Vachon and Domini Clark

Jess also emphasized the importance of investing time in researching vendors, evaluating tools, and implementing them as part of an organization's cybersecurity strategy. She recommended including training costs in the cost-benefit analysis when requesting a new position and highlighted the significance of onboarding and ongoing training for retaining employees.

Jess Vachon's recipe for success in addressing the cybersecurity talent gap involves a shift in mindset when it comes to hiring and investing in employees, expanding the talent pool through networking and mentoring, and prioritizing training and development for retaining top talent. By adopting this approach, organizations not only fill the talent gap but also build a strong cybersecurity team capable of mitigating cyber threats effectively.

We hope you enjoy the discussion!


If you or someone you know would be interested in participating as a guest on Blackmere Live, please reach out to us at We look forward to getting to know you.


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