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Blackmere Live: How to Lead in the Layoff Bubble

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

MI: February 7's Blackmere Live with Nakisha Griffin, VP of Human Resources at Neustar Security Services, and our own CEO, Domini Clark!

This is what we've been told: Big Tech kept on too many people during the height of the pandemic. Now they're trimming the fat in a one-sided war of attrition.

But, is that what's really going on?

Mid-level companies across the industry are also taking this opportunity to tighten their proverbial belts as the threat of recession looms. Is this all a result of simple mismanagement?

We will be discussing the above PLUS: 1. What can leaders do to balance both business needs and employee needs? 2. How can we prevent mass layoffs from happening? 3. What can we do to help both the folks who were laid off and those who weren't (and are now handling huge workloads alone)?


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