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Blackmere Consulting CEO, Domini Clark, Chosen for Idaho Cybersecurity Task Force

Idaho Falls, Idaho — On Thursday, August 5, 2021, Governor Brad Little announced the formation of a new cybersecurity task force for the state of Idaho. Blackmere Consulting Founder and CEO, Domini Clark, is among nineteen other experts chosen to help strengthen cybersecurity education, business, and government action in Idaho.

Blackmere Consulting is a cybersecurity recruitment firm based in Idaho Falls. Clark looks forward to sharing her voice, perspective, and eleven years of experience in the cybersecurity space and over twenty years in the executive search industry.

“Blackmere represents a small, woman-owned business that knows cybersecurity talent. We’re embedded in that community. I’ve spent over a decade deep in talent acquisition for cyber security. We know what the trends are across the country, best practices, and the motivations of this talent pool. We’re able to walk into any meeting and bring statistics to show what’s really going on — we’ve got some work to do as a nation, but especially we’ve got some work to do as a state if we want to compete,” said Clark.

While potential breaches in cybersecurity are a constant threat, Idaho is investigating ways to effectively support businesses and other local initiatives that are working to counter that threat. For Clark, the bottom line is properly incentivizing talent:

“I’d like to make the state of Idaho friendlier for incoming cyber talent and their families and make Idaho a hub for this kind of work. While we do have Idaho National Laboratory and a few other sizable cybersecurity businesses — we can still do better. This is a wonderful place to live and work, and our security will remain threatened until we can further develop and support our local cyber businesses and talent,” said Clark.

The task force will also focus on finding ways to enhance secure election practices for the state of Idaho. (Idaho’s upcoming gubernatorial race will take place in just over a year, on November 8, 2022.)

Governor Little said, “I’m also asking the task force to find new ways to protect Idaho’s election infrastructure because fair and free elections are a hallmark of Idaho’s proud representative democracy and the expectation of every Idahoan.”

This group of experts will serve not only to increase Idaho’s overall security — from banking to the ballot box, but also to increase activity in our business community.

“Being chosen for this opportunity to effect change in our state is a humbling experience. As a small woman-owned business that’s bootstrapped its whole way up — I’m particularly honored to have the work we’ve done recognized. We’re excited to help.” said Clark.

Fast Facts:

  1. Governor Brad Little convened a cybersecurity task force on August 5, 2021

  2. Domini Clark, founder and CEO of Blackmere Consulting, is one of 19 experts taking part in the task force

  3. Idaho Department of Commerce Director Tom Kealey and Idaho National Laboratory Associate Laboratory Director Zach Tudor will co-chair the task force

  4. The group will meet four times between August and November of 2021 and submit their recommendations to the Governor in early 2022


Blackmere Consulting is a Nationwide Technical and Executive Recruiting firm dedicated to Cyber Security and Information Technology. From Fortune 100 companies to emerging growth organizations, our focus is to pair talented professionals with companies who value them. You can follow Blackmere on Twitter at @BlackmereTA or find us on LinkedIn.


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