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Adam Sandler's Twitter Account Hacked

Adam Sandler's Twitter Account Hacked

Two days after singing megastar Mariah Carey had her Twitter account hacked, the same fate has befallen American actor and comedian Adam Sandler.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a hacker or hackers compromised the account of the Happy Gilmore star yesterday to post a string of racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic tweets. Several of the barely literate messages contained the N-word.

In this latest celebrity Twitter hack, various tweets were retweeted from several other accounts, including one tweet from @MJerkme. Showing an extremely poor grasp of the English language, this missive, directed at former US president Barack Obama, described Donald Trump's predecessor as an "arangatang monkey."

The message went on to garble "u ruined my life when u messed with the food stamp rates i hate u forever retart."

Given the content of the tweets, this cyber-attack is, perhaps more than anything, a damning indictment of the American education system.

One thing the hacker(s) couldn't be accused of was political bias, since they took swipes at both the Democrats and the Republicans. In one tweet to @realDonaldTrump they accused the current US president of being "a racist cracker."

Other messages retweeted by the hacker(s) came from the Twitter account @iNuBLoM. This particular Twitter handle was referenced during Carey’s hack, which is believed to have been perpetrated by the Chuckling Squad hacking group.

The Chuckling Squad claimed responsibility for hacking Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's Twitter account in August last year. Apparently, they haven't reached the level of comedic sophistication at which one can divine when a joke has gone on long enough.

According to reports, other tweets posted by the hacker(s) that appear to have been deleted referenced Carey’s hacking. In one, the poster claimed to have "just had phone sex with @MariaCarey."

While SIM-swapping was used to carry out the Dorsey hack, it is as yet unknown how Carey and Sandler's Twitter accounts came to be compromised.

The Sandler hack occurred at around 5:30 p.m. yesterday. According to Sandler's representative, the compromised account was locked as soon as the issue occurred.

Sandler's account, which is currently promoting the actor's latest film Uncut Gems, has 2.4 million followers. Source: Information Security Magazine


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